The Naked Munro Bagger. Getting them out in Scotland's Hills!

Naked Munro Bagging. Its Going to be Huge...

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Naked Munro Bagging. Original and best. Don't be fooled by cheap imitations!
Since we founded the concept of Naked Munro Bagging in 2004, its really taken off, and in fact there are now a couple of "competitor" sites.
Don't be fooled. These sites seem to be run by "naturists" or other sorts who bleat on about "the freedom to be naked" and tosh like that. You won't find any of them whipping their top up or their tweeds down and shouting "wahay" at the world. Weirdos.

New for 2008...Lazy Baggers. Naked Munro Bagging from your own home. Or office...

Scotland’s mountains truly are glorious. They have a beauty and a majesty the rival of anywhere in the world. In fact, sometimes we’re so overwhelmed by this stunning display of mother nature’s best efforts that we just want to take all our clothes off and shout “Wahay!”

And so we bring you The Naked Munro Bagger. This site is not about porn (so keep them cleanish!), and its not about naturism. Its about hill walking and hiking, and baring your bits for a laugh. But we need your help. We need you to send us your naked munro bagging shots. Whether you’ve got your kit off in the Cuillins or your bits out on a Ben, we want to know. Your own Paps of Jura or Ben More in the buff, send them in and we’ll stick them up.

Special recognition will be given to fearless flashing, inventive situations and reckless disregard for weather conditions. We accept no responsibility for run ins with the law or frostbite on your fundament.

Male, female, individual, group, a quick flash or stark butt naked. Its all welcome! Click here to send us your shots. Tell us the date and place, and as much info as you like.


How to spot a Naked Munro Bagger
Are you concerned that you might be a Naked Munro Bagger but don't know it? Perhaps you're worried about a friend or relative. Or maybe you just want to be able to spot a Bagger while you're out and about.
Here's how to tell...

New Feature...Don't go there!
We all know the kind of boozers that are ideal for relaxing after a spot of Naked Munro Bagging; The Cluanie Inn, The Clachaig. Some places are less welcoming. but not any more! as the previously worst bar in scotland is now under new ownership and is simply super


       the ascent of biennen mor - 21/02/04
the ascent of biennen mor in the mamores - 21/02/04 - conditions: exposed

The Naked Munro Bagger. Celebrating Scotland’s scenery, by exposing our own.

So come and